Chris Schambacher’s “My World” Receives Tune Collective Feature

Summer is right around the corner and what better time for Texas native Chris Schambacher to bring us his newest release ‘My World.’ Featuring mesmerizing and catchy vocals that capture that feel good spirit, the track is loaded with warm and fuzzy chords that will get you wanting to the beach with all your buddies. The track is a constant reminder that the world is yours and nothing can get in the way of what you want. The track features beautifully arranged verses and chorus featuring synth plucks and hip hop drum patterns that will excite any electronic music fan.

Already coming off of charting multiple records in the Beatport charts, Chris has gained the attention of many with his electrifying anthems paired with clean production that brings you right into the feels. The consistency he brings with “My World” is unparalleled, although it’s a little bit different from his past work, you can tell right from the get-go that this is Chris Schambacher with his luscious chords and tranquil sound.

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