Chris Schambacher’s “With Me/Delirium” Featured On Tune Collective

We touched on Dallas Texas native Chris Schambacher the other week with his impressive releases ‘Flash Forward’ and ‘Midnight Daze’ which were released through Late Arrival Records. The house music producer is back again with another two track EP keeping his energetic drive alive with his new tunes ‘With Me’ and ‘Delirium’ both are also out on Late Arrival Records. ‘With Me’ is no different from his previously massive productions; the track features a more club feel rather than a festival feel with grooving hi-hat patterns and that classic house piano sound. This club banger is perfect for any opening or even headlining DJ. ‘Delirium’ is an electro house piece using large horns and gives off that old Swedish House style with appropriately place synths throughout the track. Both tracks are equally as impressive and it seems that there is no stopping Chris Schambacher with his consistent releases.

Chris Schambacher is from Dallas, Texas and has gained a large following from his stellar production and catchy tunes. Having support from some trance and house heavyweights; Above and Beyond, Ferry Corsten, Myon and Shane 54, Markus Schulz, Cosmic Gate, Fatum, Stendahl and Jaytech it’s easy to see the appeal in his music and this two track EP out now Late Arrival Records is no exception. We are happy to see Chris bringing out banger after banger of quality music and we are excited to see what the future has in store for Chris.

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