Chris Schambacher Don't Think Twice

RELEASE DATE: 2019-01-29

LABEL: Last Arrival Records


Last Arrival Records

Chris Schambacher - Don't Think Twice

After months of working in the studio on new art projects and records, Chris Schambacher’s first release of the year presents his new house sound replete with a single featuring ‘Don’t Think Twice’ as a commercially tinged powerful progressive house record. The sound design on it is fantastic with flittering percussion leads slapping over ducking pad layers. ‘Don’t Think Twice’ has a whimsical otherworldly feel to it and the title so aptly reflects the mood and vibe going on in the record. Made for the dance floor, Chris continues to create his trademark sound and imprint that across the world. For more information on him please go to your friendly Google and do a search – we are constantly doing prize giveaways on his merchandise through his Last Arrival Records label website.