RELEASE DATE: 2017-12-01

LABEL: Last Arrival Records


Last Arrival Records

Chris Schambacher - Electric/Fearless

Wrapping up a West Coast USA Tour this week, Chris Schambacher is currently touring huge festivals and live shows, and also obliterating the Beatport Charts, with as of time of this writing, 4 EP’s of Chris’ are in the Top 50 Beatport Big Room Charts. All of his instrumental club records have hit the Beatport Top 100 and Top Release Charts and he currently has the Number 1 Most Downloaded on Traxsource Electro House Charts, with just being shy of having one straight year in the Beatport Top 100 Charts. Staggering numbers and achievements for an artist who is truly just beginning his exciting musical journey.

With millions of Spotify fans & listeners, in no time Chris has built a rabid and ever-growing fanbase with his records, and rightly so, as the quality just stacks with each release. His latest remix for Grammy winning electronic act ‘Cash Cash’ on Atlantic / Big Beat, was widely acclaimed and garnered over 150,000 streams in a few days, being featured on huge American Spotify playlists.

Chris Schambacher’s ‘Electric’ EP showcases more of his hard hitting festival sound, with a relentlessly aggressive saw tooth baseline motif present in both works. ‘Fearless’ has staccato vocal chop stabs and floating synth melodies which display an impressive set of depth both in the body of the production and the overall punch from the recording as a whole. ‘Electric’ is a far cry away from the hegemonous wails of monotany and simplicity – on the contrare – elegant and technically spliced details, though subliminal, are very present when blasting these records on a loud system. Therein lies what the intended EP effect was made for – hard hitting festival punters who like to rage.

A true testament to his character – Chris is making a bold statement this year and is releasing music that inspires those who listen to it.