RELEASE DATE: 2017-06-30

LABEL: Last Arrival Records


Last Arrival Records

Chris Schambacher - Funky/Halcyon

Chris Schambacher debuted his new label in the beginning of 2017, and this young talent steps up to bat after garnering significant tastemaker and DJ support across the world. From a label that is traditionally associated with the club floor, ‘Halycon’ is a liberating piece of music from the American newcomer and his infamous imprint alike. From the outset of its whimsical and emotive namesake right through to the sharply oiled beats of ‘Funky’, this two track monthly instalment shows a familiar side to Chris Schambacher. With a softer a more melodically intelligent pop sensibility on ‘My World’ to this balance of festival house music sets a reassuringly high bar for Chris Schambacher and his step into the electronic music spotlight for 2017. On both of these cuts coming from his 10th release on Last Arrival Records is euphoric uplifting festival house music – the A Side of ‘Funky’ has snap biting vocal samples playfully jumping around piano riffs and buzzing electric synthsaws. On the B Side we have ‘Halycon’ which has euphoric house anthem chords that give a classic sheen on a modern take. This release is characteristic of Chris Schambacher in a live show capacity and throughout the summer we will be sprinkling club records whilst his first major commercial pop release ‘My World’ takes over the worldwide stage.