RELEASE DATE: 2017-03-07

LABEL: Last Arrival Records


Last Arrival Records

Chris Schambacher - Shift/All Day

Feeling inspired from a string of successful big club gigs, label owner Chris Schambacher hunkered down in the studio to fire off 2 laser cut records that paint pictures with sound and further establish this new artist as one to watch in the 2017 year. ‘All Day’ is a sublime cut, with washed out synths juxtaposed with brittle percussion slaps. A very stomping record for late night sessions. ‘Shift’ on the other hand, is really the main cut of the EP, with elegant chordal changes and a visceral feel to it. With international gigs already confirmed leading until the summer of 2017, Chris will be a nonstop freight train over the coming year with a steady stream of releases to showcase his personality as an artist and style behind the quality.