RELEASE DATE: 2018-02-23

LABEL: Last Arrival Records


Last Arrival Records

Chris Schambacher - Zero Hour/Countdown

With Chris Schambacher’s past release ‘Shades Of You’ being supported by the likes of Fedde Le Grand, Afrojack, Benny Benassi and many more, he comes without skipping a beat on a new double sided single release through his imprint Last Arrival Records. ‘Zero Hour’ is a racous affair, with bellowing synth leads juxtaposed a gritty saw tooth baseline, while on the B Side we have ‘Countdown’ which has broken beat syncopations and overdriven crushed textures which have a sense of sustained anxiety to it – right up until the penultimate breakdown moment where it all comes crashing down. For more information on Chris Schambacher please go to his social media accounts that suit your fancy, as he constantly gives out free tickets to his worldwide touring events, as well as various merchandise and cool vinyls / gear.